Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, the White, the city that never stops, the first Jewish city in the world, the city with many epithets that fascinates. Mediterranean city par excellence, luminous which borders the blue of the sea.

In 1909, it became urgent to leave Yaffo-Jaffa, just as the Hierosolomytains left the walls in 1860.
It was also necessary to control the port of Jaffa, this umbilical cord where everything had come from all over the world for millennia: From the rock of Andromeda, we saw the prophet Jonah depart, this is where the cedars of Lebanon landed, from which the first was built Temple.
This vital artery was completed in 1892 by the first train from the Middle East from Jaffa to Jerusalem. The old train station has just been restored and houses various cafes, restaurants and small shops.

It was necessary to flatten the sand dunes.

Sixty families shared the first sixty lots to be built. From the start, Tel Aviv was planned, the streets and boulevards wide and decorated with shaded alleys. This is how Tel Aviv was born.

Its name: Tel = tumulus formed by millennia of construction, Aviv = spring, renewal.

With Edith, VoirIsrael we invite you to discover different facets of the city. We will start the visit with the modern offices of the gigantic Google company.

Then we will go on the Rothschild boulevard, where in the house of the former mayor Diesengoff, transformed into art museum, Ben Gurion declared the independence of the state on 5/14/1948, 5 Yaar.

Then we will visit the Chalom Tower, the tallest tower in the Middle East between 1965 and 1995 but which has lost its title since !! (passing in front of the French Institute). We will see there the mosaics of Nahum Gottman representing Tel Aviv at 4 times. Then we can admire the beautiful model of the city. The Shalom tower is a historic place, it was built on the site of the school where we taught for the first time in Hebrew. Buried and resurrected liturgical language which has become the common language of 7 million inhabitants….
Let's go to the Habima Theater which is at the other end of the Boulevard Rothschild. Among its founders Anna Rovina, who fought during the Russian Revolution of 1917 to keep Hebrew in the theater. The troop settled definitively in Tel Aviv in 1931. Major works of improvement were carried out and in particular the construction of a parking lot of 2500 places.

We will discover the jewel of Tel Aviv, the houses of BauHaus, a popular movement oriented towards the art of building and decorating; Which displeased Hitler and his companions during the years 30-40. In the flood of immigrants fleeing Nazism, many were the followers of this new school. They built four thousand houses in Tel Aviv, including a thousand already restored to date; what was worth in Tel Aviv to be classified “World Heritage” by UNESCO.

We will then walk through the picturesque alleys of Neve Tsedek, being restored, and then arrive on the site of the old train station.

The young Tel Aviv which includes the ancient Yaffo, is elected by Andromeda, according to mythology, as the port where the cedars of Lebanon arrived for the Temple cited by the Bible, seat of the tribe of Dan.
The skyscrapers out of the sands must not obscure the strategic importance of Tel Aviv in the time of the navy, it was absolutely necessary to control the port of Yaffo, from there left the first railway in the 1890s; together they formed the indispensable umbilical cord, especially for the development of Jerusalem. It was the first Hebrew city where the first Hebrew teaching college was created.
The Yekke (Germans) fleeing Nazism brought in their suitcases the Bauehaus, a style of construction. 100 years is not much for a city, for the rebirth of the Jewish people on their land, it is gigantic.

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